A woman’s beauty is not in her features, the shade of her skin, or her possessions. True beauty is in her heart, in her Imaan, her Taqwa, and love for her Deen. So few men understand this. Even fewer women do.
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“So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it.” [Al-Zalzalah; 7]



The two major tests in this world by Nouman Ali Khan

Just some of the points that have been highlighted in this video…

There are two very difficult trials in this Dunya, they’re very hard to pass.

  • Extreme difficulty - like a calamity, a flood, an earthquake, serious famine, etc…that can test your faith.
  • Extreme luxury - when everything is easy - you open the fridge and you have all kinds of drinks & food in front of you. You start to take things for granted - stopped being grateful. 

In other words, there are only two alternatives:

  • People who follow Allah’s guidance
  • People who do kufr (who disbelieve and lie against Allah’s miraculous signs)

Allah’s lesson for Muslims: Don’t just think you can claim that you believe but you don’t follow the guidance. 

Allah’s warning for those who do kufr: Remember the favour that He favoured you with. 

“If you fulfil My promise, then I will fulfil My promise to you.”


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It’s not about being good at it. If you work hard enough for it, you deserve it.



words of wisdom :)

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i want to be this kind of woman. InshaAllah.

The pain reminds this heart that this is not our home.